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Project Plan Template Keep You on the Right Path

Creating great plans and plan for results
When you start a new project, it’s easy to get lost in imagining a flawless final result. But don’t forget the journey between the idea and the finish line, which can be full of scheduling conflicts, deadlines, client demands, and other roadblocks.
A solid Project Plan Template will help you navigate your project and arrive at the results you dream about.


In this video a brief overview of the capabilities of the download. For a more detailed overview of the possibilities, see Tutorial link.

The options may be limited, but that’s just the power to a simple schedule. Keep overview of your tasks and focus on your goal! A schedule is a communication tool not an end in itself. This is often forgotten, you are the success factors for achieving the plan / schedule, not a project management software system.

Of course it may be that our free download not all the functionalities of a comprehensive software package such as Microsoft Project 2013 (download) are used. Perhaps it helps in communicating with many of your team members. Not everyone has the knowledge and capabilities for planning with Microsoft Project 2010. Then a simplified excel template help. So you get together a lot more effective. And that’s just one of the goals of planning.

Want more features? Want a professional planning? Let us know, we will see if we can help.

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As frazzled as we sometimes get due to our hectic schedules and active lifestyles, it is worth remember that we are more in control than we let ourselves realize. There is one action people can take which enables them to make sense of an otherwise topsy-turvy and seemingly out of control world. They can plan. Planning is the powerful act of making a goal happen in the future. Planning is the key process of setting your eyes on something that doesn’t exist yet and putting in the time, effort, and energy into making that something a reality.

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As the old saying goes ‘when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ As old as this saying may be, its truth never goes old. Doing things by the seat of your pants or acting impulsively is like rolling dice with your life, career, relationships, business, or education. In fact, regardless of whatever activity you’re doing, you need to plan ahead and plan the right way in order to ensure you get the results you want.

Project Plan Template

Schedule Excel

The easy way: Project Plan Template
There are many reasons to create a schedule with Excel. But how and where do i find a good planning template? And in the end it all comes down to putting in the time of activity. And that we all can. So why such complicated software like MS Project and Primavera needed with associated specialists? Yes that is the very complicated projects. But something is needed for your project, business or private (eg remodeling your home, making the barn or the relocation of your office building)? I can not easily create a schedule?

You are Project Plan Template well able to make your own project. Only the software limits you. Therefore we have a ‘Jan-Farmers-Whistles’ planning sheet for example you created in Excel. No understanding of Excel, fortunately this is not necessary for your project planning.

Simplicity, low cost and ease of use that’s what we think is important for a non-professional planner. Are you there are looking for, that you will not find in any case.

Planning template

Our planning template is easy to use with a professional look and above all free. And for using project management tools and techniques.

The download file is a zip file that consists of a blank sample which your actions and milestones can be displayed. So you get a grip on your challenge. You will also find the readme file. Download the schedule template here.

Want more information about plans and the various forms of planning you should refer to the following resources:

We are working on further development. We try short term assistance to customers through Internet. So we try it even easier for you to make. Do you have any additions or you run into problems? Let us know.

In this post are the two most important and famous software packages mentioned. We would thus have no value-judgment. Other packages and cloud services provide the functionality that you may need. Possible that over time, an overview on this website appears with a list of the different packages and its functionalities. But that’s for later. We explain first the focus adding features to our simple spreadsheet. Schedule aims simply to stay, thus probably missing functionality succession planning.


A schedule you for different occasions. A relocation , a remodeling , the preparation of a trip, your study, your thesis, in short, for all projects. It is whether a private project or a project for your work. But you want to be busy with what you do and your activities, not long engaged in the art of making a schedule. Your just want overview for yourself or someone else. Therefore we created a schedule in excel. With this plan, you can quickly and easily make activities visible and communicable.

Schedule Excel

Your planning consists of activities, so that things which you should do and contains a verb. Additionally, in the planning milestones are also included. Project Plan Template These milestones mark a date on which something is ready. An intermediate result, a phase or subproject. Various activities are a joint result which marked a milestone in the planning. A milestone is one date. In the planning in excel which can be downloaded here, a distinction is made ??between activities and milestones by the color of the bar of a Project Plan Template.
Because this plan is meant for easy use, there are some limitations. So you see only the activities of the next six years. Nor can you make relationships between different actions. Our experience is that only in very complex cases relationships really matter. To schedule a truly meaningful relationships to create a network planning is actually a necessity.


If you want to use this tool for city planning or urban planning, you have to look a bit further. It is just a simple spreadsheet template for excel for scheduling your project plan. The Dutch, French and German version of this site is Planung machen. So you get better results through planning better. Project Plan Template