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6+ Survey Template

 A survey is a research method that is used for a collection of data from any pre-defined group of people or respondents to gain any information on the topic of interest. Surveys have many purposes, and they can be carried out in many ways depending on the methodologies and objectives to be achieved by them. A survey template may involve asking questions from people through a questionnaire, which is mostly distributed on the paper. In the modern world, these questionnaires are mostly distributed using digital media such as emails, URLs, social networks, etc.

The survey consists of questions relative to a person or topic of interest, and the info is collected by the respondent at a certain level, which helps to influence the outcome of the research of a particular study.

Online Survey Template

It is a set of structured questions that are given to a respondent through the internet, like filling a form. This saves time and cost, and it is easy to reach people in distant places.

Survey Template 1
Survey Template 1

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How a survey is created ? | Survey Template Word

A survey starts when a person or an organization is in need of something, and it starts to explore the answers. There is no previous existing data, so they have to analyze different things in their research. To create a survey, the following are the main steps


1.      Define the objective of the survey

A survey must have a meaning or an objective for which is being conducted. To plan a survey, different tasks and goals need to be breakdown to achieve a certain milestone. The methodology must be planted, and appropriate distribution methods must be set for these samples to make a proper setup

Survey Template 2
Survey Template 2

2.      The number of questions

The number of questions defines the importance of that survey, and it must be kept in mind that these questions should not be repeated in the process. The core data is collected on the basis of these questions, so you need to make sure the questions are only dependent on the topic of research, and there is no redundancy in them.

Survey Template 3
Survey Template 3

3.      Simple language

It is important to use easy language that is understandable and readable for the respondents. Or else this can cause a high survey dropout. The respondents often find complex languages as uncomfortable, so they don’t take any interest in responding to the questions properly; this may cause a huge effect on your survey and research.

Survey Template

4.      Question types

The questions that you are going to include in the survey must offer the most value to the research. They should be easy to understand so that respondents can answer them more openly and easily. Using simple and easy to understand questions mostly increases the survey response rate

Survey Template 4
Survey Template 4

5.      Consistent scales

When you make scale rating questions, you must be sure that they are consistent throughout the research study. You should not add 3 choices in one question and 5 in the next; this will most likely cause confusion in a respondent’s mind.

6.      Survey logic

It is the most important aspect of survey design. If the respondents are not getting the logic behind the survey, they will put off most likely.

Survey Template 5
Survey Template 5

Free Employee Survey Template

The templates for surveys can be found on the following website sources such as survey monkey, jotform, hloom, templates net, survio, etc. You can get templates from these sources as well as you can also create or design a survey template of your own from these websites

Survey Template 6
Survey Template 6


A survey is a research method used to collect particular data about anything. In this discussion, we saw how you could create a survey template of your own and from where you can get already built survey template that can help you in your work easily.

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